Speak Out Newspaper: Budding Poet From Mulund

Date:  March 18th 2012

Newspaper: Speak Out

Budding Poet From Mulund

Budding poet from Mulund, Rohit N Shetty“I pined to write poetry,
So one fine evening,
I mustered some courage,
To venture into this noble Endeavour”

These beautiful words penned by the young and bubbling poet from Mulund, Rohit Shetty, depicts his reclusive nature and his yearning to reach out to the world. An introvert by nature, Rohit was at a crossroads of his career when he decided to pen his thoughts, which incidentally today have made him a name to reckon in the poetry world. First Step Publishing has released his book called “Breaking Silence” which is a set of four books containing some mind blowing poems written by Rohit Shetty. Poetry lovers will be bowled over by the poems as they are laced with emotions, ethos and passion. Speaking out to Speak Out, Rohit confesses “I had a knack of writing since childhood but being a loner i kept it to myself ” But as all secretes are bound to be unraveled some day, his secrete was too discovered when his English Teacher saw sparkles of a great writer in Rohit and encouraged him to write. Thus began his tryst with writing.
Born and brought up in Mumbai Rohit is academically a Chemical Engineer but writing poetry is his first passion. He says, “I have participated in various contests and have always won awards.” When asked which award is most close to his Heart Rohit quickly adds “One of my poems was published in The Congress Library in US in the year 2001. That gave me a lot of motivation and enthusiasm to write more poems” Motivated with the startling appreciation, Rohit began taking poetry seriously. As a result his poetry became more elegant and intelligent. One day Rohit’s dedication paid off and he received the appreciation of his lifetime. Rohit’s face Budding poet from Mulund, Rohit N Shettyglows with pride as he recalls his momentous occasion, “My joy knew no bounds when three of my poems were published in Mulund Plus, the supplement copy of India’s premium newspaper The Times Of India” Rohit continues, “Since childhood I dreamt of being a published writer and with Time of India publishing my poems I knew i was at the door step of success” Though Rohit aspired to be a poet his parents objected his obsession. Nevertheless he silently kept his hobby going. After Times of India’s appreciation he got tremendous guts and daringly approached a publishing firm in mumbai and submitted his poems for review. Soon he received a letter from the publisher assuring to publish his work. Soon his book breaking silence hit the stand and today his book are on all major Indian Online Websites for sale. And what is more his books are even listed at some of the reputed bookshops in Mumbai that includes the famous Crosswords in Powai. Currently Rohit is working on two fiction novels and enjoying his journey in the world of poetry as he quotes in one of his poems …
“I write a poem for you today,
To get a place in your heart forever
A Poem that could tell
You my love for you”


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