Comedy Is A Serious Business

The war between Kapil Sharma and Colours Channels is not hidden. Colors launched 2 comedy serials. Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Nights Live which replaced Comedy Nights With Kapil.comedy rblog

Sony Channel bagged the situation and acquired Kapil and launched their own show titled, “The Kapil Sharma Show”. And i thought that the tiff is over. but no i was wrong. Colours channel was still holding the grudge. They had the premier of Bajirao Mastani which had received many awards on the same day and time when Kapil Sharma’s New show was to be premiered. They began excessive marketing with all the media’s available.

The creative team of Colours Channel were not happy as the efforts in terms of marketing and money that was poured in were futile because the first show of The Kapil Sharma Show was just a event conducted in Delhi and it had nothing to do with the actual show. The first show was to be premiered the next day ie 24th April 2016. So they sketched even more sinister plan to take the show head on with a combo or maha episode of Comedy nights bachao and Comedy nights Live and they aired it at the same time as that of The Kapil Sharma Show. Moreover The Kapil Sharma Show was of one and a half hour show to be telecasted back to back twice. The Maha episode was of two hours yet again to be telecasted back to back.

I dont understand what Coilours channel wants to prove. TRP of Comedy Nights Live is at the lowest low. I mean as a layman i can understand the fact that the show with higgest TRP has more number of advertisments.

On the flip side CEO of Colours channel Mr Raj Nayak and CEO of Sony Entertainment channel Mr N P Singh are said to be close friends but at the time of business even they have turned bitter enemies. This proves many things foremostly that nothing is bigger than money in today’s world.

I, personally have an opinion that The Kapil Sharma Show will do better that Kapil’s previous show in Colours as Krushna has the same old rhetorical cheap sleazy character portray, not to forget to mention Bharti Singh in Comedy Nights Bachao, the quality and standard of comedy has dipped to the ultimate low.

But i’am very happy to see Kapil Sharma back in action with the biweekly comedy show and looking forward to see more of Kapil.

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