Leadstart did Lead My Start

Well back in the days when i used to write i never imagined that i will be a published some day. Call it destiny, luck, or may be stupidity at the purest form. I was negatively encouraged by a bunch of my school friends in a cafe where we used to meet and i used to day dream of getting my book published and it being there on the book racks.

Well that’s been said i used to submit my poems to various newspapers and some of which got published as well in Times Of India as well in 2007 and 2008. This encouraged me more to send it to some publishers and then the whole thing started. In the year 2010 i was approached by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd who issued me a letter of Intent and their desire to get my book published with a hefty price tag of Rs 60,000.  Excited! i shared the news with my parents and pestered them to pay so that i can see my name in print. Being more than Half a Lakh Rupees my parents told me to go to their office and meet them to understand the process first. I met Late Mr Sunil Poolani who was
Executive Director, Publisher and Managing Editor as told to me back then and Mr Swarup Nanda CEO of the firm.

While discussing the points and understanding them i pointed out that i need a Book Launch if i am paying this high as the amount, to which late mr Sunil Poolani and Mr Swarup Nanda agreed but they never had the intent of doing so. This point was never put on agreement and i was verbally assured of the launch. Done with the signed deal i payed them in two installments of Rs 30,000 each.

They sent me a couple of mails regarding the edits and corrections. and boom the book was listed in Indiaplaza.com back then and later it found it way in Rediff Book and after some time in Amazon.

Now comes the catch.

Post the book being  listed i doped various calls asking about the launch but they were never responded to. Slowly they started not answering my calls.  I turned to email then as i was assured and assigned of a personal Relationship Manager Mr Iftikar Shaikh. He responded to a few of my initial mails but then suddenly stopped.

Years passed by and in 2015 i stared following up to the firm asking about the launch to which MrSunil Poolani and Mr Nanda Promised me to which i got this reply from Ms Amrita Jagtap

The Entire Email Conversation can be found here.










Post this mail i get a cold revert as follows




Not making a point of mentioning the details of a book launch has cost me. So i decided to ask about the points as mentioned in the contract. The details about the royalty post sales as “mentioned in the agreement”. In the contract it was clearly mentioned that, Royalty of 25% of MRP post sale and post the money which is received.

Some Facts: Book was published in 2011.

Royalty paid till 2015: 0 that means no book was sold. So taking this point and now the points as mentioned in the agreement i stared dropping them mails asking about the sales report which had not been given to me since 2011 despite numerous mails and telephonic reminders.  It was post a mail wherein i threaten about taking legal action and lodging a police complaint i got the details stating that 210 books were sold. As per the agreed terms 25% of Rs 50 for 210 books makes a total Royalty of Rs  2,625 which was transferred to my account.

Taking some excerpts from the contract

(a) The licence fees due to the Author will be calculated annually, i.e. April 1 of each year, payable by June 30 of the same year.
(b) Thereafter, the Author will receive an annual statement of accounts showing the number of copies distributed, sold and in stock.
(c) The Publishers will pay royalty for only the number of copies which have been sold (money for which the Publisher has received) and not the books distributed in the market or in stock.


Point number one from me now is why wasn’t i paid as per the contract.

Point of getting the book launch was down the drain. And now a new point has come about the book being priced at over 500 Rupees by various online retailers.

Some of them are as follows whose link has been shared with Leadstart

  1. Amazon
  2. Rediff Books
  3. Sapna Books

As i have shared the details they have updated the quantity of Books on their Flipkart Seller Central as 0 so its currently showing the book is not in stock.

I know post reading this article i will receive nuemorous calls and mails from Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd to take the post down, but i will not till the book launch as promised will be done and  i will continue to shame them on the internet domian. Maybe they will initiate a legal action against me, for which i am ready as i have spent Rs 60,000 back then in 2010-2011 i can spend a few more thousands now hiring a lawyer as iam having a few more points against them which i will reveal later.


500 copies printing for a 60 page book was charged at Rs 60,000 (i was verbally promised a book launch which never happened) Do check this pic wherein iam asking my relationship manager from Leadstart about the PR Activities to which i didnt get a revert. do check the date and time.



To stop such kind of cheating happening to any other upcoming / aspiring writers i have started my own Publication firm First Step Publishing. First Step Publishing is a self publishing firm wherein we charge the writers and deliver what is mentioned and agreed on. We usually deliver more than agreed and thats the reason why currently we are having 109 writers from 7 countries. Most of the writers we get are referred from other writers who have been published by us.

And unlike such firm who cheat with the emotions and aspirations of writers we have mentioned the details of our Distribution channels on our website to keep things transparent from the get go.

To Conclude i must say  i was cheated by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd but it had Lead to my Start in Publishing Industry.


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