Pakoda Politics

Pakoda Politics Rohit N Shetty Well i can’t involve sarcasm here as it a matter of great importance in Indian Politics. The oven hot or i should say, kadai hot topic in Indian Politics is ‘Pakoda Politics’.

One one hand The government says it trained about two million youth under the flagship Skill India. But deep diving into the fact. Data from the scheme’s nodal body, the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), showed just 34 institutes – 0.2% of the total – trained almost 40% candidates under the first phase of the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana( PMKVY). An Independent investigation by Hindustan Times showed two of the top 20 institutes lacked proper infrastructure and didn’t have enough space to train even a fraction of the claimed number of candidates.

Covering their failure in such a way and Amit Shah went to the extent saying that, “Selling Pakoda’s is not a matter of shame. It is creating employment.” So was this the vision behind creating the Skill India Campaign? Get trained and sell pakodas. So now i have a query; If a qualified person starts selling Pakoda’s his so call employment status of being employed will be credited to our beloved PM’s flagship campaign Skill India or will it be credited to the failure of such fraudulent programs initiated by our PM Mr Narendra Modi.

Coming to the numbers now; Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the much-hyped scheme on July 15,2015 with a corpus of Rs 1,500 crore and an aim to train 2.4 million youth. But the first phase saw just 5% placement, that too mostly in low-skill blue-collar jobs.

Despite the problems, the government upped its allocation under the skills training program in this year’s budget with two new schemes and Rs 6,000 crore. The NSDC disbursed Rs 1,000 crore out of the total budget of Rs 1500 crore till December 2016.

Total Allocation: Total budgeted expenditure for Employment Generation, Skill and Livelihood in Budget 2017 ~ Rs. 17273 crores Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship allocated Rs. 3016 crores. Where is this money is coming from? Its from the taxpayes money and not from your pockets Mr Narendra Modi.

The biggest scam that is yet to unfold from the BJP led Government is Aadhaar. NSDC hasn’t been able to verify the mandatory Aadhaar number of more than 570,000 students a year after the PMKVY-1 ended. This is an indication, experts say, of a large number of non-existent candidates or multiple enrollments of a single candidate to inflate the total number.

Amit Shah during his Rajya Sabha Speech said, “If a poor person sells ‘pakodas’ today, it is possible that the generations after him end up being industrialists. If a ‘chaiwalla’s’ son can become the Prime Minister, anything is possible,”

It rightly fits into the saying “chai wala toh pakode ka hi baat kar sakta hai”

Its not just Skill India, but all the flagship initiatives by BJP led Government are a total failure. Everybody are seeing the fact and numbers but will not say anything as of now. 2019 will be the time when your Balance Sheet will be made indicating your profit and loss statements. And by the looks of it, its in a negative trend.