SpeakOut Newspaper: Rohit Shetty’s Breaking Silence is Awesome

23rd Edition

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Rohit Shetty’s Breaking Silence is Awesome

Breaking Silence is Awesome

Rohit Shetty’s Breaking Silence which is a set of four books containing is awesome. When I got this book I was totally amazed to see the cover design, an awesome piece of work. Seeing just the cover I was convinced that the content in the book will be good as well. As I was going through the cover I was amazed to see that the cover had been designed by the author himself, as I was shocked to see the amount of talent Mr Rohit Shetty has. For Rs 120 this book is a must buy which includes 50 poems all together. Poems mentioned in the acknowledgment section are really good especially “A Smiling Face” and I was amazed by the shear length of the poem “A Caged Spirit.” This is the second book by Mr Rohit Shetty I have with me and it’s  a shear pleasure reading his poems.  I suggest the book to all poem lovers as the book will take them to a different world.  Readers will be delighted the kind of poems hey have been curving to read since decades. Truly the book is  great literally work.

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