Signs that you will be promoted this year

Signs that you will be promoted this year

Opinion starts to matter
If you are frequently being asked for inputs on crucial work matters it is a sign that people respect your wisdom and experience and they think you are ready to take the leap.

Regular recognitions
When you start getting frequent ‘kudos’ emails and you are even praised publically, more often, it signals that the management is thinking to offer you a promotion soon

Meeting Invitations:
When you are being called into important meetings, which you were earlier not part of, it signals that your manager might be thinking of moving you up in the hierarchy.

Promotion of boss
When your boss moves up, it is a crucial opportunity for you to advance in the organisation. A promotion in this case is even more evident if you have worked closely with your boss.

Role upgrading
When you start doing more senior-level and your role is functionally upgraded that means you are considered a good candidate for a promotion.

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