Book: Silent Voices By Rohit Shetty

silent voicesTitle: Silent Voices

Author: Rohit Shetty

ISBN: 978-93-811152-4-4

Genre: Poetry

Year Of Publication: 2011

No Of Pages: 60


About the Book: How does it feel when you want to say something, express your feelings, but are unable to put them into words? Each one of us needs to express our emotions. While some people can do so with ease, voicing what they feel without any qualms, there are so many others who are hesitant, who cannot express their emotions vocally. For them, one form of expression is poetry. The poet prefers using this medium to express himself. Here is a collection of the unsaid feelings and thoughts of a person penned down in the form of poetry. Silent Voices will bring tears to your eyes, smiles on your face and gladness in you heart. Verses that will make you relate to these emotions and give you an outlet for emotional fulfillment…

About the Author: Rohit Shetty wrote his first poem at the age of twelve. He is a chemical engineer by profession and lives in Mumbai, India. Rohit can be contacted at

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