The Boomerang Effect

Well its been long since i have narrated a story. Well this comes from a Hindi Adaption and i have tried to translate it and frame it in my own words.

A farmer in a village who used to sell milk, curd and butter, one fine day decided to sell it in the city. His wife used to make round cakes of butter weighing 1Kg. The farmer used to sell the same to a specific shoptbekeeper in the city and in return for the butter cakes he used to take tea powder, sugar, oil, soap and things he required for his daily consumption.

The shopkeeper kept the butter in the freezer to store it so that it could be sold later. One fine day the shopkeeper thought to weight the cakes of butter. He started weighing the cakes and found that instead of 1Kg each of the cakes weighed 900 grams.

Next week as scheduled the farmer came again to sell the cakes of butter. the furious shopkeeper shouted at him and accused him of cheating. He also warned the farmer of dire consequences and never to come again.

In his defense the farmer replied that he is a poor man and does not have a weighing scale and further added that he weighs the butter with the 1kg of sugar which he takes in exchange for the butter he sells to him.

Ashamed of his deed the shopkeeper was not able to say a single word and realized that what we give to others will come back to us, be it respect, cheating or anything else.

I call it the boomerang effect !!!