When The Curtain Closes

When The Curtain Closes

A stage show ends and the curtain closes
People applaud and on the stage throw roses
They love that fiction cuz of its happy ending
Life they know involves a lot of tear shedding

We wish our lives were also the same
But alas! Life isn’t such an easy game
Someone said life’s a stage and we mere actors
Oh yes its true except for some sad factors

The ups and downs are like its various scenes
But unlike, stains of the past can never be cleaned
Broken strings of puppets can still be repaired
Broken relations ruin us before being prepared

Fellow actors in various scenes, perform and go
The heroes and villains play their parts in the show
Here life is the same, as people in your life
Can make or break you, its you who’ll decide

So don’t be emotional, in life be independent
The ones who break you, may not be repentant
You’ll of course love some people and trust them a lot
But I hope they won’t be selfish enough to let you rot

So be strong willed, like a new struggling actor
It helps you overcome grief and have a good character
The curtain was raised to give you a chance to do well
Don’t let it go or you may never again be able to excel

People in the meantime decide to throw roses or shoes
Be a good helping human to help them with their woes
When you’re gone,u, they may never forget
When the curtain closes they’ll have their eyes wet

Your deeds and words will always be judged
So be the one who can or will never be grudged
Finally your time ends and the curtain withdraws its pull
You’ve got to make a mark or your name may be of a fool

©Rohit Shetty

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