Yes, There is a difference in Content Marketing and Blogging

Content Marketing and Blogging

Content Marketing and Blogging

Yes, There is a difference in Content Marketing and Blogging

If you’re new to the whole content advertising thing, your head is the most likely spinning over all the decisions you need to make. Like all things in life, if you take it step by step, the task gets a whole lot simpler. Start first by grounding yourself with a great definition of content advertising (our specialists shared seven!) , and following that work on dispelling some of the common misconceptions around content advertising normally.
Among the biggest of these misconceptions we hear is that content advertising and blogging are one in the same. A good deal of other people use the terms interchangeably, but in reality there are differences.

I define content marketing as “the creation and distribution of useful, audience-focused material that increases customer acquisition.”

Sounds fancy, but what it boils down to is providing clients with information; ideally backed by data or your identifying expertise — which educates them makes their decision making a little easier. Encourage your content advertising target with the following content offerings

  • whitepapers
  • videos
  • eBooks
  • E-mail newsletters
  • social network
  • And yes, blogging

Every one serves its own purpose at the bigger content advertising-scheme. But they all contribute to the end goal of building trust with your clients.

Blogging on the other hand, involves posting content to a certain website which can be updated on a regular basis. The goal here is to communicate with your audience, whether you’re encouraging a product, providing invaluable knowledge for your readers, or working to establish your organization as a thought leader. It’s an essential tactic inside the increased content advertising strategy.

So basically, content advertising is the umbrella term under which web blogging rests. Consequently, there’s a good deal of overlap between the two. For many brands, web blogging is a vital way to bring value to readers. This is the reason why it ’s considered a wonderful place to start for almost any content advertising strategy.

The Advantages of Blogging and Content Marketing

If you’re not convinced yet i would still ask you to add both blogging and content marketing as a part of your marketing strategy.

Blogging on a regular basis helps Search engine optimization, gives consumers a reason to return to your web site, and is the best station for distributing your existing content. We advocate a brick and feathers approach to content advertising! Taking one big part of content like a whitepaper (the brick) and breaking it into shorter pieces so you get more mileage from it (the feathers). And, you guessed it, blogs are an efficient way to get those feathers flying.

Since the client’s purchasing venture has changed, content marketing as a system is vital. There’s no lack of details demonstrating that the client is presently in control, and that most of the acquiring choice is as of now made before they converse with anybody in your organization. This implies you have to contact them in different ways — various different courses — to impact that choice. Content advertising gives you that power, and if done the correct way, manufactures real trust with your clients. Content that is brilliant and supportive brands your organization as a go-to, master asset. Is there any valid reason why they wouldn’t purchase from you?

Rohit N Shetty

Rohit N Shetty is a Digital Marketer, having over 13+ years of experience in various domains.