5 Signs That Show You Might Be Fired

In corporate life beware of the five signs that might be signals that you might get fired. We all know that our bosses are tough nut to crack. So Follow this link to know more as how to handle Difficult bosses. In the meanwhile beware of the following signs that shows you might be fired soon!

1. Work Taken Away

A co-worker is given all your clients and accounts and elevated to a senior profile. His word and insights are given more important than yours.

2. You are left out

Office communication with you decreases gradually. The decision makers do not want to include you in meeting, client calls.

3. The Sudden Silence

There’s a certain whiff around you and you can feel it too! The rumour mills go on a pause mode when you walk in.

4. You Don’t matter

Nobody cares if you walk in late, sit in cafeteria for whole day or sleep in your car parked in office parking.

5. Trust deficit

The boss talks about company profits nose diving in company blog and every other coffee break and mentions about talent crunch in your team particularly.


Rohit N Shetty

Rohit N Shetty is a Digital Marketer, having over 13+ years of experience in various domains.