A Being with No Heart

You liked my poems

As they touched your Heart.

Which I am surprised now to know

As did you ever have a Heart?

Heart which feels

The pain

Breathes the air of love

As it lets thoughts inside

Since it was missing something

For it was alone

Being just one

Which all does make sense

If heart is existent

Which I doubt is present in you

As you turned out to be brick

Of stone

Which had decided to not let in

Any fresh air of love

For you had forgotten breathing

As the heart in your was stolen

Before I could reach it

And love you

Which is something I realize now

For only a stone cannot hear

The feelings

As it’s hearing less

And blinded by the falsehood

Of what you define as truth

For it suits you

Which proved I was wrong

As I considered you

A human to be.

© Rohit Shetty

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