A Call At Night

A call at 1.30 in middle of night
Unknown number flashes my cell
In cold dark room with no lights.

Struggling to see the number,
The call was from a distant land.
Sleep in one eye, I almost in slumber.

Then comes a hello, Unknown voice
It seemed at first. Then the choir sings
Lightens my jubilant room with rejoice.

Ages had passed it seemed with no talks
Holocaust escaping from Pandora’s
Lead lined box.

Life moved ahead without you, but you did
Move to a distant land, without me even having
A chance to adieu a bid.

Well surprisingly you called in another year
Didn’t seem like ages of unspoken words
But happy now to get the mist clear.

You asked me about my poems, Which i stopped
Writing. I felt like a poet with no muse.
Not even a word my pen scribbled, it bluntly refused.

Well a smile on my face after a long time.
Lightened hearts with same long talks
Pen moving in rhyme; with the same old chime.

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