A Deception With Conscience

Person can’t be deceived by his own conscience
He has inner instinct to remember and feel the presence
One may be successful in little time period
People may think different of him and avoid

“Did you ever see my profile?
Catch me there for while
It may speak for myself and reveal
There is hardly anything to conceal” I replied to a question

”Poets need not speak for themselves
Their volumes or work may speak itself
It is how you present your life and work poetically
It gets on to the heart of people theoretically” I finished it by saying

You have so much to learn from friends
They may advance from different angles and lend
The valuable support and inspiration
It may its own weight and startling revelation

I find female readers or friends more considerate
They are near to the truth and hold views very moderate
What they present is purely from mother’s heart
They never try to impose or even try to look smart

They may be found in friend, daughter or beloved
Most all feelings are bridged and puzzle is solved
They nearly take you to the dead far end
Revive it with kind and best human trend

I may not see in them only from sex point of view
I try to understand them and give their legitimate due
This must be the secret of any poet and be pursued
So at any time they are not misunderstood and sued

Should I restrict myself to only writing?
What if someone offers beautiful fighting?
Not ending in scuffle but lovely exchanges of words
I always take it as good sign and look forward

what tasks poets are supposed to presume and perform?
Take the readers views in arms and stay informed
this may prove to be great joy for the moment
it may be not only great event but surely good movement

Is it purely a matter of poetical value?
Don’t you think our presence in vital role is due?
What we are expected to deliver at the critical juncture?
Is the future really dependent on well presentation of literature?

I take it as holy task making our presence known on all the forums
We may encounter many unpleasant tasks with future in doldrums
It is how you tackle the sentiments of readers at your heart
The pace may be very slow but you may find it very encouraging from start

© Rohit Shetty

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