A Doubt

Sometimes a smile is all I can give.
When I hear you say things about me.
Most importantly……..
All are wrong.
As baseless they are.
No fact behind them.
And no reasons to call me Unfaithful.
As this is something which I never was.
Now dreaming you are even.
Of me being with some other girl.
Well Hello……..
What are you saying?
Have you ever thought what you are saying?
No you haven’t.
That is why you are speaking without knowing anything.
About me.
Unfaithful I never have been.
Never with anyone.
If you think I am so.
Then do get my message.
Loud and clear.
Which is I am not ever coming back.
To someone……..
Who doubts me.
So stop wasting your time.
In thinking about me.
As you treated me bad.
Real bad.
When all I did was loved.
Till the limit love of mine turned into an obsession.
For you.
And all I hear at the end.
From you is that I was.
Unfaithful to you.
So forget me in all ways.
As now I have forgotten you too.
And coming back I never am.
Never ever.
To you.

© Rohit Shetty

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