Well you must have been wondering what Bipolar is? Well it is a mental illness that causes extreme changes in mood. Mood Alternates between happy Energetic, High, Maniac, sad, weary low (Depression). These mood swings occur several times a week or just couple of times in a year.

Some common symptoms BP-Blog

  1. Small day to day activities will also look like an uphill task
  2. You don’t understand what is  happening to you; you try to sleep you are not able to sleep.
  3. You feel nothing is right in your life.
  4. Sometimes even swallowing food becomes difficult
  5. You lose weight.
  6. In some cases suicidal tendencies have been noticed.
  7. To treat these conditions

You should take good psychiatric help

  1. You should keep yourself busy. Its rightly said that an ideal mind is a devils workshop
  2. You should understand the low and high points and how you behave in low and high situations.
  3. Do things which you like to do.
  4. In many cases its seen that co-operation from near and dear ones has helped.

We should understand one thing that its not a social stigma; its a mental illness which can be cured with patience and co-operation.

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