Hindustan Times: City Engineer Sets Record for Most Books Published in a Year

Rohit N Shetty covered in Hindustan times
Rohit N Shetty, Hindustan Times, City Engineer sets a record

Date: 5th May 2013

Newspaper: Hindustan Times

City Engineer Sets Record for Most Books Published in a Year

Twenty-six-year-old Rohit N Shetty, an engineer by profession, has entered the India Book of Records for publishing the highest number of books in a year. Shetty, a resident of Mulund, said he uses poetry and stories to express his thoughts. He has written and published 400 poems in four series in the book ‘Breaking Silence’ in 2011. His second compilation of poems and short stories is called ‘Minds at Work’. Shetty is now in the process of writing his first novel ‘Murder to Moksha’, a crime story. “I wrote my first poem at the age of twelve and since then there was no looking back. Being an introvert, it is difficult for me to express my feelings to anyone. My classmate in Class 5 told me to write down things that I was unable to say openly. Thus began my journey in the world of
poems,” said Shetty, adding that his poems were on love and life and were often inspired by his own experiences. Shetty had written a poem for an international contest during his college days in 2001, which is now included in the United States Library of Congress, the national library of that country. The same poem was also published in the International Book of Poetry. “I always wanted to be an author. However, my family did not support me. I write at night when everyone is asleep and when I can think in peace. My family has told me to continue writing as a hobby but not to take it as a career option. I am happy that the India Book of Records has taken notice of my work. I would like recognition as an established author in the future,” Shetty said.

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