Democracy or Dictatorship

India, i always get confused whether we are living in democracy or under dictatorship. the reason why i am sharing this is because i felt very bad when i came across the news of an army veteran committing suicide in Delhi.

Now why the title Democracy or Dictatorship?

Democracy because; we have elected a government in 2014 with majority under the false (now) pretext of getting or having better days as compared. BJP’s campaign slogan also said the same words “Ache Din Aane wale hai.” This was followed by a barrage of now false promises as two years have passed since their government being in power and the situations have gone bad to worse considering inflation, employment and day to day issues. Previous government was not able to take any staunch actions against the neighboring terrorist country Pakistan as they were not in full majority and its this BJP government then had opposed the NDA government. But while campaigning in 2014 Narendra Modi had promised many things that terrorism will not be taken lightly and will be reverted back with all and full force if selected under majority. Now the current situation is such that everyday there is unprovoked attacks from Pakistan and our army men are suffering the consequences and paying by their life. We should be thankful to the army men and their sacrifices and should always honour them.

But the reality is far fetched than what it seems. Now comes the Dictatorship Part.

Why Dictatorship? This is because one ex army man committed suicide and its family was locked up and was not allowed to meet any one. Even Delhi’s CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal from AAP Party was not allowed to enter the hospital.  On the other hand Rahuk Gandhi from Congress was detained twice.


Video Grab from NDTV Channel reporting the news: Video Copyright NDTV


Last time i checked India was a free democratic country and this was not the case wherein a CM of a state is not allowed to enter in a hospital or a politician is illegally detained and not allowed to leave with the relatives of the deceased ex-army personnel.



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