Lokmat Times: For A Poetic Cause

Newspaper: Lokmat Times

Date: November 30th 2014

For A Poetic Cause

Rohit N Shetty, For a poetic cause, Lokmat times

Twenty Seven Year year old Rohit N Shetty, has earned the title to be called as the Record Man in the Literary field. Rohit has set a record acknowledged by India Book of Records and many other autonomous bodies. Record states that he is the most Published poet by getting published 400 poems in a series of 4 books in a single year.
Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rohit is currently based in Nasik, says he uses poetry and stories to express his thoughts. “I started writing at the age of twelve. Being an introvert person i found it difficult to express my feelings so i started to pen them down.” Says Rohit N Shetty. This penning of feeling and emotions continued till he had a collection of 450+ poems and he decided to get them published but was not successful. During one such interview with a publisher he was told and asked that ‘poetry has no scope why you want to publish poetry’ to which he replied ‘i write poetry and i believe in it. Poems are the most easiest way to express ones feelings. If those emotions hadn’t stirred the chords in your heart i wouldn’t have been sting in front of you today.’ He eventually managed to get one book published in the year 2011 titled ‘Silent Voices’. But he was unhappy with the exposure poetry as a genre was getting.
“In November 2011 i decided to start my own publishing firm which will be dedicated to help and support new talent in the field of writing. Thus i started First Step Publishing, with its tagline and our business motto , Paving ways for new writers. I never anticipated the response i received for it. Eventually i became the most published poet and supported poetry publishing. More than 50% of the titles published by far is of poetry, which i feel is my contribution towards poetry writing and poets.”
In the year 2012 Rohit N Shetty was felicitated by MLC Mr Charan Singh Sapra and MPCC President Mr Manikrao Thackrey for his efforts in the literary field in the grand finale of the annual Mulund Festival. Post that Rohit never looked back and started working for poetry. Its his First Step Publishing that has been selling poetry books which are tagged as best selling on amazon’s website. Six out of Eight titles published in 2014 were tagged as the best selling on amazon.in

Rohit N Shetty was nominated for
Young Entrepreneur Award at Bangkok Thailand By Achievers World for his entrepreneurship work and his list of achievements in Literary Field.

Recently he was conferred an honorary doctorate degree by World Record University. He was conferred by Rajasthan’s BJP former party chief Dr Mahesh Chandra Sharma in an event held by World Record University in Faridabad.
When asked what is Rohit what he is currently working on he said “iam working towards launching First Step Publishing latest venture Minds@Work 3 which is an anthology of short stories based on the topic “The Girl Who Fought” It is first ever Women Oriented Book written by women of modern times.”
In an attempt to recognize poetry readership in India and towards English education Rohit N Shetty uses First Step Publishing as the medium. When asked him what do you anticipate in the future. He replies “I would like to incorporate some of the poems written by me in the CBSE board and waiting to be recognized for my work from Maharashtra State if not by Government of India”

His work has been recognized by
• India Books of Records
• World Record University
• World Records India
• Records Holders Republic

List of books written by him which are available on all major online stores include
• Breaking Silence
• Breaking Silence 2
• Breaking Silence 3
• Breaking Silence 4
• Silent Voices
• Murdered To Moksha


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