Just To See You Go Away

I don't intend to hurt you<br />

By the words i say
I fret to lose you, No
Just to see you go away.

You might find it strange
By the words i say now
But its high time to say, now
Or Just see you go away.

Five months i kept my quite
Didn’t utter words i should say
Amidst deafening silence, you write, now
I just see you go away.

With silent talks and reading lips
We have in office, many words
I did say, many left unsaid, now
I just see you go away.

Can’t express the feelings in words
My heart weeps a silent tear,
Emotions left unsaid, Now
I just see you go away.

© Rohit Shetty

[su_note]This is one of the poems to be featured in Breaking Silence 5 by Rohit Shetty [/su_note]

Rohit N Shetty

Rohit N Shetty is a Digital Marketer, having over 13+ years of experience in various domains.