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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing, the Digital Trend

Being on par with the technological developments is a very important attribute for any business to survive the winds of change. Once considered a mere vociferous device, mobile, today, has turned the tables around when it comes to digital marketing. In a one-of-its-kind instant, marketers unanimously agree that mobile marketing is not the future, but the now of doing business online.

The usage of mobile phones is considerably going up, measuring around 80% in 2016 alone. Even more importantly, the e-commerce conversion rates are almost 65% greater on mobile as compared to traditional desktops. If these stats are not enough for you to take the debate on mobile marketing seriously, consider the following five facts:

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The time spent on mobile devices

On an average, consumers spend 10 hours of their day on mobile phones. Approximately, a third of this portion is used to browse through websites or search for products online. Therefore, if we look far beyond, you as a brand have around 500 hours a year to attract the attention of your target audience! Doesn’t this give you a huge opportunity to benefit from?

An increasing correlation between mobile and marketing

Digital marketers agree to the fact that nearly 60% of online e-commerce takes place on mobile. This is because day by day, more and more brands are coming up with mobile-friendly websites that offer customized services based on the preferences of the audience. Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, etc are just some of the examples of the same.

Shopping on mobile versus shopping in-store

The hottest discussion cornering the adaptability of mobile shopping is the in-store versus the digital experience. With SEO agencies mushrooming all over, customers experience a much refined search, thereby increasing the clicks to your website and generating more sales; because search engines give a higher preference to mobile-friendly websites, there are more reasons for you to embrace the mobile.

Response rates on SMS versus emails

SMS has an open rate of 98% and about 90% of people take about three seconds to read the message. This is far better than the open rates of an email or possibly any other means of digital communication. Attractive messages instantly turn on your customers and if the content appeals to them, they’ll go the extra mile to look for your products/services online.

A deeper penetration rate as compared to computer marketing

Nearly everyone owns at least one smartphone and because these hand-friendly devices cut across audience demographics and psychographics, they are becoming more and more popular tools for online marketing. They are lighter, faster, cheaper and portable as compared to conventional desktops and laptops. Therefore, when marketing on mobile, you practically target more audience.

Given all these realistic facts and figures, it can rightly be concluded that the benefits of using mobile for marketing are far from few. Mobiles are no longer restricted to conversing across miles; they are changing the face of doing business online. And if you still haven’t started harnessing the benefits of the platform, you are already trailing behind!

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