SEO Checklist 2018

SEO Checklist 2018

SEO Checklist 2018: Your Quick Checklist for On-Page Optimization

Here are a few points that needs to be checked while performing an SEO On-Page Optimization of your website. These points will help your website achieve a better ranking score on google.

  • You have at least 500 words of relevant and fresh content free misspellings and poor grammar.
  • Your target search phrase is included in either the page headline or sub headline
  • Repeat your target search phrase 3 – 10 times within body copy. Make sure your copy is reader friendly. Don’t over-saturate your content with your search phase or you’ll be downgraded to spam by Google
  • Your page should include relevant images and captions that help illustrate the target search phrase.
  • The content and resources on your page should be informational or inspiring that visitors can’t help themselves but to share and post elsewhere.
  • Your page should include user discussions or reviews, as active visitor interaction is scored higher than static pages

Your Quick Checklist for Meta Optimization

  • URL: Your target search phrase is included in the page URL
  • Title page: Your HTML title copy includes your search phrase and is less than 70 characters
  • Meta Description Tag: Your page includes a meta description that includes your search phrase and is no longer than 160 characters
  • Image alt text: The image alt text includes your search phrase
  • Links from copy: Your page includes relevant links to other pages on your site

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