The Hidden Letters

Book Review of The Hidden Letters

Writing a book review after a long time

A writer can only be called an Author only when he/she reaches out to the hearts of readers. The Hidden Letters by Purba is one such contemporary fiction novels, that makes you think. You can’t predict the story at once, which is the best part of the book. The protagonist Anaya’s struggle to achieve her professional goals and family’s love  is scripted well. Personally speaking i like to venture new aspects of writing which is unexplored, and Purba has braved to do it and has done a commendable job by balancing the emotions that is needed to be portrayed.
A feminine approach towards the story might be a slight turn off mentioning the difficulties a women faces in life but its not exaggerated. Its based on today’s generation and experienced experience as felt.
Excerpts from a blurb of one of my titles says “Some Emotions are better left unsaid” but Purba has described emotions of love, sorrow, hope, anguish in a detailed manner.
To End it its an amalgamation of emotions which is portrayed well and a must read.

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Rohit N Shetty

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