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SEO - Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Digital Marketing and SEO works hand in hand. Read more to understand SEO in simple language by Rohit N Shetty

Social Media

Social Media plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. It helps a brand maintain its online presence. 

email marketing by Rohit N Shetty

Email Marketing plays a considerable role in Digital Marketing. Read more to understand its details 

Which Schema Types Are Used Most by Industry [Research]

Find out which schema types are most prominent across industries including travel, education, home improvement, health care, and finance. With…
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The Marketing Metamorphosis

In today’s world, every one of us is bombarded with marketing messages in any moment, any place, and on any…
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Largest Contentful Paint: An Easy Explanation

Largest Contentful Paint is a brand new Google user experience metric and soon to be a ranking factor. Learn what’s…
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4 ways to optimize for Google’s Page Experience Update

It isn’t too late to prepare for a Google Page Experience update even as it is rolling out. Learn how…
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Conversational insights going beyond guesswork in marketing and keywords

Conversational insights marketing platforms allow brands to utilize AI powered chatbots; to speak to consumers, Implementing conversational insights to guide…
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Google Discover Now Excludes 5 Kinds of Content

Google Discover is excluding Satire and 4 other types of content. There’s a report of non-satire content being excluded. Table…
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Where do you take your marketing strategy from here?

Focusing on a content-first strategy ensures your marketing plans don’t go to waste in this unpredictable year. More on a successful marketing strategy
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Brand communication trends that will define 2021

Brand Communication, Be it on social media or mainline advertising, here are a few themes that we see continuing in communications in 2021
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Digital Marketing in the new normal

Digital Marketing is the key for marketers in the new normal. 2021 has a host of noew challenges for Digital Marketers
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Why You Should Follow Your Competitors On Social Media

You should follow your competitor on social media to understand the types of content used by your competitor for branding and many more.
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