Breaking Silence 4

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Here are some of the unsaid feelings and emotions penned down in form of poetry. The book Breaking Silence is the series of books that contain these unsaid emotions and feelings.

About the Author: Rohit Shetty Rohit Shetty Academically a Chemical Engineer Dip and B-Tech. He is an Author of the book “Silent Voices” published in the year 2011. Born and brought up in Mumbai. Rohit started writing at the age of twelve. He wrote for himself and dreamt of being a published author since childhood. When in school a particular friend of his gave him a technique to remember things in a rhythmic form. While doing this for a geography lesson it turned out to be a poetry. That was the day in school and today he has a collection of 450+ English Poems. His one poem has been published in “The International Book of Poetry” in the year 2001 and also in the book “Silent Solitude” by Kevin Lavin “An Anthology of poems by amateur poets”. His few poems were published in Mulund Plus (Now Known as Mulund Powai Plus) a sub division of The Times Of India in the year 2004. Writing became his passion which he mostly does when the night sleeps.


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